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Affordable Refill Shopping: A Price Comparison

We price compared this shop from one of our regular customers to a chain supermarket. This shop for common essential items was £29.75 here at Zero Muda but would have been £45.90 if the same quantities were purchased at the supermarket, a savings of 35%! These containers have been refilled at least 12 times over our first year of being open which has saved 180 pieces of single use plastic. Not only that but the savings of £194 over the year in comparison to shopping at the supermarket.

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Tips on starting a vegetable plot

Our work experience placement student Hazel is sharing her tips on preparing a vegetable plot to grow your own vegetables at home. Due to Covid-19 her placement was cancelled so instead she is sharing her family's experience on growing your own vegetables. We love how Hazel and her family have made use of their front garden, often a space that doesn't get used so why not use their inspiration to start your own veggie plot?

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How to Refill: Tips From a Customer

Refill shopping can seem a bit overwhelming when you first walk in. Lots of equipment; the dispensers, the scales, the pumps etc. But once you decide how you want to store your refills, the rest is easy! Sian is sharing some useful tips on how she stores her items, keeps organised and has made refill shopping part of her routine.

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Make Your Own Bath Bombs

A quick and easy bath bomb recipe to make at home. These make a wonderful gift and are the perfect self care treat.

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Maple and Pecan Granola

Making your own granola is perfect weekend task to get you ready for the week ahead. We have a few different types of basic granola in store, but why not try making your own deluxe version with your favourite ingredients? This maple and pecan granola with goji berries is high in fibre and protein, low in sugar and very easy to make. All ingredients are available in store.

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