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How to Refill: Tips From a Customer

Refill shopping can seem a bit overwhelming when you first walk in. Lots of equipment; the dispensers, the scales, the pumps etc. But once you decide how you want to store your refills, the rest is easy! Sian is sharing some useful tips on how she stores her items, keeps organised and has made refill shopping part of her routine.

You might like to have your refills on view in the kitchen.

Glass jars like these are great for airtight storage and make a nice colourful display but are pretty heavy to carry back and forth to the shop; especially if you’re on foot. Which is why my pantry looks like this!



I keep takeaway tubs, yoghurt pots and any Tupperware for filling and carrying to and from the shop. If I’m using the leave and fill service, I just write what I want on the lid.

I also save old rum bottles to use for liquids & just write on the side with an acrylic pen.


I save squash bottles to refill because they’re light and then decant into glass at home.

On my phone, I keep a running list of what I need from the shop, including non-refills like bread, loo roll, dog poo bags & shampoo bars.

Thanks Sian for sharing your tips and showing the behind the scenes of your cupboards! Making use of containers you have already got is a great way to get started. We often gets asked at the shop if plastic containers are allowed and yes we encourage reuse of plastic containers so they aren’t just single use. It’s not just about having all beautiful glass containers but then you can always add these a bit at a time to your collection.

Happy refilling and see you soon!